Latin Burger on WSVN – The mobile food truck trend

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3 Responses to “Latin Burger on WSVN – The mobile food truck trend”

  1. Broward Trailer & Miami Trailer says:

    Good Evening,

    As you know the mobile concession industy is growing and we are glad you have become part of the food craze in Miami. Thanks for letting us know as we really enjoy great food and looking forward to trying your gourmet food in Miami. At the same time we just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know that we have been in concession business of building out food trucks as well as concession trailers for all different companies for the last 13 years Miami to California and are the largest exporter as well. We will build to your specifications and feel we are price out very good in this industry. We have over 70 Used Step Vans to choose from or will be happy to build out a unit of your own or a new unit whatever suits your needs. Please give us an opportunity to price out the next unit for you I’m sure you will be happy that you did. We are located in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for your convenience or if you would like we would be happy to visit you at a location in Miami.

    We look forward to hearing from you in the future and if we can be of assistance please feel free to call us.

    Susan & Alan Miami Trailer & Broward Trailer

  2. Geez, this blog makes me jealous! :) I want mine this good…keep it up!

  3. Jose B. Taggart says:

    Hey, I really like the look of your site

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